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How it works:

Find a design you like, change the title, description and add an item.

Is this for me?

Yes, if you want to quickly put something online.

No, if you need a heavily customized website to fit a specific need.
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About me

I live in New Zealand and have been making software since 2016.

I made Gyuck so people can quickly get a website without a web designer.

My sister has stuff, like artwork and images of things. When she decides to put some of her stuff online she has a few options.

  1. Go on Squarespace
  2. Go on Wix
  3. Go on Webflow
  4. Create something in Wordpress (Requires skillz)
  5. Hire someone ($$$ Pricey and wallet cries)

But what if the process can be made easier, just as easy as making a meme?